Professional Online Booking Tool

There’s an online booking solution for all companies. Which one are you?


  • Ideal for companies of 20 or less travellers
  • Simple, easy to use self-service booking tool
  • Includes a connection to Xero
  • Ideal for companies with a simple company travel policy
  • Content displays all airlines, hotels and car rental companies

Mid Market

  • Ideal for companies with over 20 travelers and with a more complicated travel policy.
  • Simple, easy to use self-service booking tool
  • Ability to hold bookings for up to 7 days
  • Online profile creation
  • Mobile App integration optional


  • Preferred option for large corporates and govt agencies
  • Simple, easy to use self-service booking tool with the ability to make changes post ticketing
  • Ability to make multi-tier approvals
  • Ability to hold bookings for up to 7 day
  • Online profile creation
  • Large group movements
  • Comes with Mobile App integration

All three can be configured to work with your Expense Management Systems (EMS).
All three enable bookings and changes via the mobile app.



Professional Online Booking Tool

Serko Online is the preferred OBT for corporations and government agencies. Serko Online is an enterprise-grade Online Booking Tool (OBT) trusted by some of the largest organisations in the Asia Pacific region and used by key Travel Management Company’s (TMC’s).

Professional Mobile App

Serko Mobile is the first purpose-built mobile app for business travel and expense management.It is available for Serko Online travellers and/or Serko Expense users on Android and iPhone. Using Serko Mobile is like having a travel agent, a PA and a tour guide in your pocket – everything you need to make business travel and expense management easier so you can focus on what really matters.