Qantas Business Rewards Programme

Qantas Business Rewards programme was launched February 2017 and replaces the Acquire programme.  It’s ideal for small to mid-market businesses.

Contact us on 02 9407 8400 to organise free membership – all you need is an ABN number and a QF frequent flyer number to get started.  If you don’t have a QF FF membership we can even organise that for you for free.


How is Qantas Business Rewards designed to reward the spirit of Australian business?

Qantas Points

Earn points for your business from the first flight.

Rewards & Benefits

More rewards the more you fly with three levels of benefits.

40 Partners

Accumulate points on business expenses with over 40 partners.

Individual Points

Travellers still earn their Qantas Points and Status credits whilst the business earns additional points.

Qantas Club

Obtain discounts when travellers join Qantas Club.


Exclusive savings on eligible flights.