Best of Namibia 7 Day Tour

A flying safari through the best-known and most exotic parts of Namibia, Pure Africa can assure you this exciting ‘Best of Namibia’ tour is truly one of a kind. Marvel at the famous red dunes of Sossusvlei, or soak up the essence of Africa with the flora and fauna of Etosha National Park. But the most unique and wonderful benefit of our ‘Best of Namibia’ package comes from your incredible bird’s-eye view of the region as you fly from place to place. When you land, exclusive luxury camps will be waiting for you at each destination, allowing you to enjoy the Namibian countryside in style.


Day 1-2: Little Kulala to Kulala Wilderness Reserve and Sossusvlei

The tour begins from Windhoek, with flights to the Sossusvlei Region, where you’ll spend two nights in the Kulala Wildnerness Reserve. This reserve offers easy access to the amazing red dunes of Sossusvlei. Activities are included, and there’s something for everyone.

Day 3-4: The Damaraland Camp to the Torra Conservancy, Damaraland

This morning, you’re truly in for a treat, as you take a scenic 3-hour flight over the vast Namib Desert. Soak in the incredible view of the Skeleton Coast’s topography before heading inland. Once you reach northern Damaraland, get settled into your luxury camp for a two-night stay in this beautiful region. Unlike many wilderness safaris, this private area is home to a range of wildlife that have adapted and evolved to live in the arid climate. This includes many truly interesting “common” African animals, such as the ‘desert-adapted’ elephants, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, southern giraffe, springbok and more.

Day 5-6: Ongava Lodge to the Ongava Game Reserve and Etosha

A brief one-hour flight will see you at the Ongava Game Reserve. At this exclusive, private camp, you’ll enjoy a 2-night stay at the Ongava Lodge. The campsite itself is strategically situated to overlook expansive plains and a waterhole which is floodlit at night for spectacular viewing.

Ongava Game Reserve is a lush and thriving 30,000 hectare private reserve which borders the world-famous Etosha National Park. This reserve is a conservation success story with large concentrations of wildlife able to thrive here, including lions, two species of zebra, white and black rhinos, the black-faced impala and more.

Day 7: Windhoek

Return flight to Windhoek.