VIP Airport Lounge Access

Priority Pass provides VIP airport lounge access irrespective of who you are flying with, what class you are travelling in, or whether you belong to an airline lounge program.

To purchase the Priority Pass click on the logo to get a 25% discount.

And as a member you’ll enjoy the following privileges at airport lounges around the world:


  • Access to over 1,000 airport VIP lounges across over 500 cities 130 countries
  • Lounge access is guaranteed regardless of the class of travel or airline you’re flying. –
  • Peace and quiet – the chance to relax before your flight
  • Refreshments and snacks – no need to queue for expensive airport food
  • Full use of facilities – most lounges offer phones, fax machines, email, Internet access and even conference rooms. Priority Pass is the easy, affordable way to escape the chaos of busy airport terminals, flight delays and cancellations and to enjoy the peace and privacy of a VIP lounge.

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