Duty of Care

Duty of Care has been a buzz-word for sometime and it has never been more important than now in this political and environmental climate.

What does it actually mean in the broad sense?

The responsibility or the legal obligation of a person or organization to avoid acts or omissions (which can be reasonably foreseen) to be likely to cause harm to others.
Duty of care is owed by an accountant in correctly preparing a company’s accounts, by an auditor in confirming an company’s financial statements correctly present its financial position; by a director to shareholders in husbanding the enterprise’s resources; by a manufacturer to consumers for the safety of product; and by every party to a contract to the other contracting parties.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/duty-of-care.html

What does it mean specifically to travel? Have you got this covered?

Here’s a checklist you should ask yourself:

  • Should there be a natural disaster or an international occurrence, do you know where your staff are at all times?
  • Should one of your travellers fall ill or have an accident, what course of action will you take for the traveller and for the team back at the office?
  • Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • Who will do what when action is required?
  • Is your Travel Management Company 24/7 and is their after-hours run by Consultants that understand your plan or is it outsourced and therefore without proper and approved controls?

Whether your a large multi-national or an SME – your travel bookers, your management and your travel management company need to be in synch and ready for all possible situations with a plan and the means to execute this plan.

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