Singles Travel for Australians is booming

Singles Travel for Australians is booming and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) there are around 5.8 million singles in Australia which represents 35% of the adult population. These stats are set to rise. In 2006, there were 1.74 million single households and by 2026 this is set to grow to around 3.7 million. The 2011 census is due out in October 2012 and it will be interesting to see how (not whether) the figures have risen. Stay posted on this site for an update.

This is part of an international trend and globally there are around 183 million single households leading the charge for singles travel in Australia and around the world. The global singles boom is due to a range of factors including an ageing population, higher divorce rates and the decline of the traditional family. In Australia, this is further encouraged by our urbanisation, with city slickers wanting to experience the spontaneity of and transience of life, we’re becoming more footloose and less likely to settle down.

Being single doesn’t mean that you are lonely, or that you have to always be on your own. Solo travel for discerning singles is booming globally, and Australia is right there at the forefront of this trend. You no longer have to travel with a partner or friend that really doesn’t want to partake in your type of holiday and you don’t have to shy away from exotic locations because you are a single female and worried for your safety.

Five or ten years ago, it was odd to travel on your own and although it’s a lot more common these days, it’s far more social and a lot more fun to join a travelling group of singles and of course, Pure Travel are at the forefront of organising interesting tours and cruises for all singles and solo travellers aged from 35 and above. Bit like a Contiki Tour but for the over 35’s and definitely much more discerning itineraries.

Many of the singles advocates and diehards say that’ singledom is the way of the future and you don’t need to have a partner as you can do it all alone’. Well that’s debatable and certainly not what I’m advocating here, I’m just saying there are now options if you choose to travel alone or you just don’t have a travelling partner at the moment. Let’s face it, travelling alone can be a bummer because you can’t share memories and recount stories with anyone and travelling with other solo travellers can be a great solution especially as you can attach yourself to one or a group of others within the group, and share many experiences with many others.

Hey and there’s always the opportunity to make life-long friends along the way.

What do you think? Would you travel alone or would you travel with an organised travel group?