Woolworths Ditch Qantas

Woolworths Ditch Qantas Frequent Flyer points rewards to benefit their shoppers with their new scheme that gives shoppers discounts on groceries.  The revamped Everyday Rewards program means that shoppers will earn “dollars” when they purchase specially marked products and they will receive immediate discounts when they have $10 in savings.

But Woolworths customers are not happy, not happy at all. The decision has been slammed by a number of irritated customers with plenty vowing to make the change to competitors Coles who has recently teamed up with Etihad Airways.

However, Woolworths said its research shows the majority of supermarket shoppers thinks it takes too long to earn enough points in loyalty programs to redeem rewards in points-based schemes.

“Sixty-eight per cent say they want money off their shopping, while only 9 per cent prefer a points scheme,” Woolworths Food Group managing director Brad Badnucci said.

Citing data by the Australian Consumer, Retail and Services (ACRS) research unit at Monash Business School, Woolworths claims its current loyalty members typically will see more than double the value through the revitalized program.

Many also claim that the supermarket’s link to the QFF program was the main reason they shopped at Woolworths and the only reason they signed up for the rewards scheme in the first place.

“No frequent flyer points = no Woolworths shopping for me.? #HelloAldiFor2016,” posted Lauren Gregory on Facebook.

Ellen Morgan posted: “Not impressed that you are removing the frequent flyer points/rewards for a meagre savings on groceries … Absolutely disgusted.”

Another shopper, Julia Wells said: “So you’re going to get rid of us getting Qantas Frequent flyer points, pity you didn’t ask your customers first. Bye, bye Woolies, time to shop elsewhere.”

Support for the new program was harder to find, although customer Kate Haffenden-Carr said: “Yay for you woollies! Better rewards for your customers.”

What’s your opinion on this?  Qantas Frequent Flyer points or monetary rewards?