Visa Management Services

Working out whether you need a Visa or not can be confusing and different sources can give you conflicting information.  That’s why our Visa Processing Service can help you.

You can either call our office and we’ll organise the Visas for you or you can go online to our Visa Processing Centre and after a few clicks everything will be clear and organised for you.

Features of the Visalink Service

  • Process initiated and tracked online – 24/7 online availability
  • Website updated daily with consulate and embassy information
  • Visas can be processed for nearly every country globally, from all Australian states
  • Barcode tracking number + automated emails to inform traveller of application status
  • One consistent process for multiple countries or for multiple visits
  • One consolidated payment mechanism for all visa-related fees with any payment format catered for
  • Secure website (128 bit encryption)
  • Automatic Smartraveller registration
  • Dedicated 1300 freecall access to our operations team

Benefits of Using the Visalink Service

  • Convenience, flexibility & ease of use with online demo for first time users
  • Fast, seamless & consistent process
  • Between 10% and 20% discount on the Visalink processing fee by booking through our website
  • Significant time & cost savings (e.g. versus the traveller or EA / PA lodging the application in person themselves)
  • Source global visa information + supporting documentation within one single application
  • Increased process efficiencies with reduced error rates
  • Real-time & accurate visa information
  • Know upfront how long approximately the visa will take to process (# of business days)
  • End-user control over and transparency of the visa application process
  • Traveller assurance that visa is taken care of with utmost priority 

It’s easy to use!

  • Logs on to website + reviews visa options
  • Choose the visa they require + complete online form
  • Download & complete visa application form
  • Receive tax invoice via email
  • Track application progress online via a barcode tracking number
  • Receive completed visa

Call our office on (02) 9407 8400 if you have any questions. It’s really simple to do this online or we can do this for you.

If you’re travelling to the United States there are additional requirements for Australian passport holders (and other passport holders who participate in the Visa Waiver Program).