Top Kitchen Gadgets to Carry On a Trip

If you’ve ever taken a trip to visit relatives, or somewhere exotic, or just a quick jaunt to the beach, there is one thing that is for sure; food can get pricey; fast. Whether it’s just you, or you and a friend, or a family of 5, the costs add up fast and sometimes in ways that are difficult to predict. That is unless you have the inside scoop, and plan.


The Kitchen Gadget Revolution

For the traveler, a handful of companies have your back with some terrific travel kitchen gadgets and storage options. 

Since it’s too cumbersome to bring your best kitchen appliances along, these nifty tools can give you all the comforts of your home kitchen, without all the clutter. And the best part, most are TSA friendly, so you can travel by plane and keep your kitchen accouterments in your carry-on travel bag.  

It’s a trip. It’s supposed to be fun. So, use this travel advice and learn how to travel cheaply, and not let a sudden loss of funds ruin the experience. Fortunately, the evolution of the cooler has come a long way, and carrying prepackaged food is much safer than even ten years ago. If you were to time travel and see what was used for food cooling then, versus what we use now, you’d wonder how we all didn’t get food poisoning every trip.

Here are ten great kitchen gadgets that will revolutionize your travel food prep needs:

  • A quality chef’s knife and blade guard.
  • A 12-in-1 kitchen multi-tool. It’s like a Swiss army knife for cooking.
  • A couple of flexible cutting mats.
  • TSA-approved containers for necessary cooking liquids.
  • Leak-proof reusable storage bags
  • Outdoor spice missiles. Shatter-resistant spice shakers.
  • An electric coffee and spice grinder
  • A digital kitchen scale
  • Basic measuring cups and spoons
  • A wine toolset Great if traveling to wine country.


Be Conscious of Travel Safety


What is the safest way to travel? Even after decades, statistically, it is still by plane. 

But with threats and stupidity, many things we could carry on board in the past are strictly forbidden today. If you don’t know how to pack a travel bag for journeys through the sky, take our advice. Be sure that none of the items on this list are in contradiction to the TSA safety standards for air travel. It can ruin a trip before it begins, and no one wants that. 

For what its worth, the knives, and wine tools will be fine in your checked luggage. All the other kitchen gadgets are perfect for your carry-on. It will save you having to shell out for food if, by some terrible happenstance, your checked luggage becomes lost. Another thing that can ruin a trip, but it doesn’t have to.



It’s a simple thing to choose whether or not you intend to dine out every meal or cook for yourself and your traveling companions. If you love to cook, have a bunch of custom, expensive appliances at home, and hate eating out, then it’s not even a discussion. You made up your mind before you even picked the destination. 

But if you do love to wine and dine, experience the culture and flavor of your respite from the day-to-day. 

Then catching a meal at a local spot is on your to-do list. We still recommend taking these kitchen gadgets just in case. You never know when you might get that urge to whip something up. Will you follow our advice on food prep ideas for the road? We will love to know if you have any other neat kitchen gadgets you use while traveling.


Author’s Bio: Rachel loves to travel and loves to cook. These kitchen gadgets have saved her enough money in deferred food costs; it often affords an extra day on many trips, even to exotic destinations. She loves to experience new cultures and their foods but sometimes prefers to whip up a taste of home.