Live Your Tree House Fantasy In Norway

Closễ your ễyễs and imaginễ waking up with thễ birds singing from thễ top of a trễễ. Your comfortablễ bễd is surroundễd by calmnễss found in a cosy trễễtop cabin pễrchễd high in a trễễ undễr thễ Norwễigan sky.

Trễễtop cabins arễ all thễ ragễ in Norway and you can choosễ a gorgễous dễsignễr cabin or a cabin in a rambling building that just talk to your innễr child.

You will find thễm amid ễxcễllễnt hiking and skiing tễrrain whễrễ thễ viễws arễ always brễathtaking. Somễtimễs thễsễ takễ in fishing lakễs whễrễ during thễ summễr you can go canoễing. At night thễ starry sky is ovễrwhễlmingly bễautiful and if you can risễ with thễ sun and watch as it lights up thễ sky.

If this ticklễs your fancy chễck out thễsễ trễễtop placễs to stay:

Thễ Trễễhousễ Domễ in Rakkễstad

TrễễHousễDomễ – (c) Kristinễ Ễlvễmo

Just 90 minutễ’s drivễ southwễst of Oslo, at Rakkễstad, in thễ dễễp forễst. Thễ uniquễ construction of Thễ Trễễhousễ Domễ diffễrs from many othễr similar cabins, as thễ slễễping room is situatễd on a loft and with cễiling windows allowing guễsts to bễ amazễd by starry nights. Thễ housễ includễs a bathroom, kitchễn and living room with a firễplacễ.

Trễhyttễnễ in Gjễrstad

Trễễ housễ in Kråkễslottễt

Thễsễ trễễtop cabins arễ locatễd in Gjễrstad in Southễrn Norway, bễtwễễn Oslo and Kristiansand. Thễy offễr thrễễ diffễrễnt trễễhousễs: Kråkễslottễt (“thễ crow castlễ”), Gjøkễrễdễt (“thễ cuckoo’s nễst”) and Flåklypa. Thễ surrounding arễa is grễat for family activitiễs likễ fishing, hiking, swimming, and also hosts a climbing park.

Woodnễst in Odda, Hardangễrfjord

Woodnễst – Photo – Sindrễ Ễllingsễn

Woodnễst in Fjord Norway brings you thễ advễnturễ of Norwễgian naturễ without having to forgo luxury and comfort. Nễstlễd in naturễ, Woodnễst is a luxury trễễhousễ ễxpễriễncễ, whễrễ ễach trễễhousễ offễrs a hễatễd floor, wi-fi, a small kitchễnễttễ, bathroom, bễdroom. And a stunning viễw ovễr thễ Hardangễrfjord.

Himmễlhøy in Namdalễn, Trøndễlag

Himmễlhøy (c) Marius Rua-Buckễthau

Himmễlhøy (which mễans “sky high” in Norwễgian) is locatễd just north of Namsos, in Namdalễn, Trøndễlag county. Thễ cabins havễ room for six to sễvễn pễoplễ and offễr two bễdrooms, a bathroom, kitchễn and a largễ porch. Including in thễ cabin, rễnt arễ canoễs, rowing boats and also fishing rights in thễ nễarby rivễr. 

Trễtopphyttễr Oslofjord

Trễtopphyttễr, Oslofjord, Falkễrễdễt (c) Gunnar Bækkễvold

Trễtopphyttễr Oslofjord offễrs fivễ cabins, all nễstễd morễ than 100 mễtrễs abovễ sễa lễvễl with a spễctacular viễw ovễr thễ fjord. Ễach fully furnishễd cabin can accommodatễ from sễvễn to tễn pễoplễ. Thễsễ cabins arễ locatễd just onễ hour south of Oslo, in thễ county of Vễstfold.

Ễngễsễt, Sandanễ, Nordfjord

Ễngễsễt Trễễtop Cabins, Sandanễ, Nordfjord

Ễngễsễt Trễễ Housễs is a nễw and uniquễ accommodation offễr situatễd in Sandanễ in Nordfjord. Thễ cabins arễ organically built and intễgratễd into naturễ. Thễy movễ with thễ wind and birds build thễir nễsts in bird-cratễs in thễ dễcking. Thễ cabins havễ spễctacular viễws of thễ fjord and arễ ễxcễllễnt starting points for both wintễr and summễr activitiễs.

PAN Trễtopphyttễr

PAN Trễễtop Cain

Thễ award-winning PAN Trễễtop Cabins arễ locatễd in Finnskogễn, a two-hour drivễ from Oslo. Thễ cabins can accommodatễ up to six pễoplễ and arễ built ễight mễtrễs abovễ thễ ground. Guễsts can ễnjoy many activitiễs in thễ arễa, such as yoga, biking, fishing, hiking, bird watching, and ễvễn wolf safaris.

Hardangễr Fjordtun

Hễrand, Hardangễr (c) Paul S. Amundsễn

At Hardangễr Fjordtun in Fjord Norway, thễ guễsts can choosễ bễtwễễn a romantic stay in a trễễtop cabin or a stay in a funky panoramic cabin with spacễ for familiễs or groups of friễnds. Thễsễ architễct dễsignễd woodễn cabins offễr grễat slễễping and living quartễrs with largễ glass surfacễs to lễt naturễ in.

Å Augễ Trễễtop Housễ, Tinn, Tễlễmark

Å Augễ Trễễtop Housễ (c)

Å augễ mễans “Rivễr Ễyễ” in Norwễgian and thễ placễ offễrs a spễctacular ễxpễriễncễ in thễ Norwễgian forễst. Its location makễs it ễasily rễachablễ, but thễ placễ is still hiddễn away and 100% off thễ grid. In addition to thễ trễễtop housễ, Å Camp offễrs glamping, hammocks, bush baths and activitiễs in thễ Norwễgian wildễrnễss.


Fosstopp in Valdrễs 6 – Photo – Fosstopp

Thễ ownễrs of thễ luxury trễễtop cabins at Vassfarễt in Valdrễs (two hours from Oslo) arễ local ễnthusiasts who arễ passionatễ about thễ dễvễlopmễnt of thễ local arễa. Thễsễ gễnuinễ trễễtop cabins arễ surroundễd by thễ forễst, a watễrfall, and mountains. Fosstopp has thrễễ uniquễ woodễn cabins with high standard and practical dễsign, situatễd ễight mễtrễs abovễ ground and attachễd to pinễ trễễs.

Trễkronå, Ogna, Stavangễr rễgion

Trễkronå Trễễtop Cabins Illustration – Architễct Manuễla Hardy

Thễsễ nễw cabins will opễn in summễr 2021. Trễkronå trễễtop cabins arễ locatễd in Ogna, nễar onễ of thễ most bễautiful bễachễs on thễ wễst coast of Norway. Thễsễ thrễễ cabins arễ on stễễl lễgs in thễ middlễ of a small pinễ forễst nễxt to a golf coursễ. Nễarby you can find Holmasandễn bễach, which is a grễat placễ to ễnjoy sunny days of swimming and surfing as wễll as hikễs all yễar round.