Learn 5 Exciting New Skills on These Solo Holidays!

If you love to learn new things, solo holidays are the perfect opportunity to do just that! With the right trip and an open mind, you can gain all sorts of fun new skills – and meet like-minded singles in the process! At Pure Travel, we offer myriad singles packages, each with their own unique destination and focus. Below are just a few great opportunities to learn a new skill on holiday!

Become a Comedian

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Whether you tend to be shy, or are a natural jokester, many comedy-focused holidays include some really interesting workshops. Our 3-day ‘Laugh Every Day’ singles comedy cruise is one great example. Comic classes can teach you the art of making people laugh, from witty office party jokes to starting a fledgling comedian career of your own!

Go On Safari

Nothing compares to the awe-inspiring excitement and adventure of a true African Safari – it is something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime! Enjoy the beauty of the untamed African bush, experience the indigenous cultures, see the majestic ‘Big Five’ animals of Africa in their natural habitats.

There are safari experiences available all across the continent, and at Pure Travel, we offer a singles holiday safari excursion for every taste! For those who want to truly immerse themselves, our extended 19-day ‘Best of Africa’ safari holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. During this holiday you’ll see all that the African wilderness has to offer.

Cook Up Something New

Do you love to cook – or have you ever wanted to learn? Many people find cooking to be relaxing, rewarding, and a great conversation starter! When you learn to cook new things on holiday, you can take that skill home and impress your family and friends for cocktail parties or family gatherings.

There are many different singles holidays that allow you to try a wide range of new foods, and even learn how to make them yourself! Some solo travel packages are focused around a gourmet food experience, while others include cooking classes that center around that specific region’s cuisine. Our extraordinary 10-day ‘Best of Vietnam’ cruise, for example, features cooking classes that teach you how to recreate some traditional Vietnamese fare.

Learn How to Sail

Sun, sand, surf – and sailing! Finding solo holidays that teach you new skills can be a lot of fun, and now you can even learn how to sail with our new ‘Learn To Sail In Phuket’ package. If it sounds intimidating, never fear – you’ll be fumbling about learning to sail with a yacht full of new friends! Learn the ropes of sailing, and head home with something truly phenomenal to talk about!

Brew Up Some Fun

Are you a coffee lover who has always wanted to learn the pro secrets for brewing the perfect cup? Or, a wine connoisseur eager to learn the secrets to brewing your own vintage? Our onboard experts are some of the most respected in their industries, and are eager to share their knowledge in our many workshops.

On our 3-night ‘Gourmet Sensations Cruise’, you certainly get your money’s worth! In addition to the mouth-watering cuisine, you can learn how to make a cocktail, brew a great cup of coffee and make your own wine! You’ll come home a ready-to-go host or hostess, ready to impress family and friends with a great drink.

The amazing variety of singles travel packages available today offer great opportunities to let loose, make new friends – and even learn something new!